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This is it, the Big Daddy of the tafl game, Hnefatafl, or Kings Table. Unlike the other Tafl games where the rules where lost or changed through the ages, the rule for this game are preserved in manuscripts written between 925 and 940 in the form of religious allegory. This accounts for differences in various attempts to reconstruct the game.

The rules for Hnefatafl goes as such:

1) The board is set up as shown, with the King on the center space. The Kings forces move first, thereafter the players alternate moves.
2) All pieces move any number of vacant spaces, in a straight line or thagonally.
3) A piece is captured if two of the opposing pieces are moved onto adjacent spaces on either side of it. It is then removed from the game.
4) A piece may move into a space between two opposing pieces without being captured.
5) The King is captured by trapping him on all sides.
6) The King's forces win if the King reaches any edge of the board, and loses if the King is captured.


1) As in Tablut, when the King has a clear path to the edge of the board, that player must warn his opponent of this fact. If there are two or more clear paths to the edge, the King's player may claim victory. (This plays very will, particularly if being played by beginners)
2) The King may be captured, like any other piece if he leaves the five central points on the board (The throne, or center space, and the four spaces around him).


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